The most detailed overview of each company’s performance

The 2016 Access to Medicine Index includes a set of 20 company report cards, which each provide a contextualised analysis of one company’s performance in the 2016 Index. This includes a summary of its strengths and weaknesses, any best and innovative practices, as well as the drivers behind changes in its ranking. Each report card includes overviews of the company’s portfolio and pipeline, and identifies tailored opportunities for it to increase access to medicine.

The report cards are divided into six sections:

Explanation of the company’s position in the 2016 Index and summary of its access-to-medicine performance, including the drivers behind the company’s changes in ranking and the main areas where it scores well or poorly compared to peers.

Update on where the company’s access-to-medicine performance has notably changed since the 2014 Index (positive and negative changes), and where its performance has remained static. It includes new or expanded commitments, strategies, activities and programmes.

Tailored opportunities for the company to improve access to medicine, taking account of its R&D pipeline, product portfolio, current equitable pricing strategies and approach to IP management, among other factors.

General description of the company’s operations, revenue per region and geographical reach.

Analysis of the company’s portfolio of marketed products and pipeline of R&D products that fall within the scope of the Index, in line with specific inclusion and exclusion criteria. This section looks at the size and focus of the company’s portfolio and pipeline, whether the company has products that are considered first-line or are on the WHO Essential Medicines List; whether it is developing innovative products or adapting existing products to suit the needs of people in low- and middle-income countries, and whether it develops products through partnerships.

Overview of the company’s performance in each area measured by the Index, is only available in the PDF download:

  • The company’s position in the Technical Area subrankings;
  • Main areas where the company performs well or poorly;
  • Significant changes and developments since 2014; and
  • Innovations and best practices.

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