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Stock Exchange: XNYS • Ticker: JNJ • HQ: New Brunswick, NJ, US • Employees: 127,100

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Johnson & Johnson rises one place to 2nd, with leading approaches in several areas. Its strong performance is driven by a broad access strategy, with a clear direction for its long-term access programme in Africa. It has a large relevant pipeline, and has moved a greater proportion of projects along the pipeline than in the previous Index. Its use of equitable pricing remains constant. It is among the leaders in considering multiple socio-economic factors when setting prices between countries, as well as in demonstrating that pricing strategies have been implemented. It has expanded its commitment not to assert patent rights. It is the most active in product donations, with six programmes across three disease areas. It is strong in building capacity, particularly in supply chain management and pharmacovigilance.

Change since 2014

Has a new Global Public Health organisation, established to address global health problems in specific disease areas.

Increases the transparency of its marketing and lobbying activities.

Has a 50% larger pipeline for diseases in scope than in 2014, with new projects for a wide range of diseases.

Has moved more projects along the pipeline than during the previous analysis period (2012-2014).

Has equitable pricing strategies for the same number of products as in 2014.

Has expanded the geographic scope of its pledge not to assert IP rights over darunavir (Prezista®)

Is piloting a comprehensive process for assessing capacity gaps in third-party manufacturing plants in India, providing tailored support for achieving high standards (e.g., by assigning a person-in-plant).

Newly commits to long-term product donation programmes for TB and HIV/AIDS.


Expand Global Public Health access approach to more disease areas. Johnson & Johnson is active in a wide variety of disease areas. The company can expand the remit of its new Global Public Health organisation to cover access to medicine for more disease areas.

Set registration targets for key diseases. For pipeline products, Johnson & Johnson can set disease-level targets for registering products in countries in scope. This helps ensure early access to products in countries that need them most. The company can register existing products, e.g., bedaquiline (Sirturo®), in more countries with high disease burdens. Bedaquiline is on-patent, is used to treat multi-drug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) and is on the WHO Model Essential Medicines List (EML).

Implement time-bound R&D targets for developing high-need products. Johnson & Johnson clearly ties its R&D commitments to global health priorities, and is efficient at moving projects along its pipeline. The company can leverage these strengths to become an industry frontrunner at bringing products to market for high-need diseases.

Extend pledge not to enforce patent rights, and its engagement in voluntary licensing. Johnson & Johnson can extend its pledge not to enforce IP rights to more high-need products. Likewise, Johnson & Johnson can expand its use of non-exclusive voluntary licensing to ensure access to and supply of its on-patent high-need medicines.

Expand use of equitable pricing strategies, with addition of intra-country segmentation. Johnson & Johnson can expand its inter-country equitable pricing strategies to more products. The company can also implement intra-country equitable pricing strategies in markets with high-levels of inequality and/or high out-of-pocket payments.

Sales and operations

Johnson & Johnson operates in three segments: Consumer Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices. Its Pharmaceuticals segment is focused on: cardiovascular and metabolism; immunology; infectious diseases and vaccines; neuroscience; and oncology. Johnson & Johnson is present in 69 countries in scope, and its sales in emerging and frontier markets account for approximately 20% of total sales.

Sales in countries in scope
Sales by division
Sales by region

Its portfolio covers all disease categories in scope. The majority of its projects for communicable diseases target HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis.

Portfolio and pipeline

Johnson & Johnson has a mid-sized portfolio of products for diseases in scope: 49 medicines, 3 preventive vaccines, and 4 diagnostics. This includes products for liver diseases, heart diseases, mental health conditions and diabetes.

Johnson & Johnson has one of the largest pipelines of projects that address the needs of people in countries in scope: 57 R&D projects in total, approximately a third of which target high-priority product gaps with low commercial incentive. Its pipeline has a strong focus on mental health conditions, and includes candidate medicines for four communicable diseases and four neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), as well as several vaccines. Together with Cue Inc., Johnson & Johnson is developing a point-of-care viral load test for HIV/AIDS.

Products per disease category

Its portfolio covers all disease categories in scope. The majority of its projects for communicable diseases target HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis.

Pipeline projects

Several research partnerships, such as with GSK and the TB Alliance, include provisions for broader access to the product following market approval.

First-line treatments and essential medicines

Approximately 60% of Johnson & Johnson’s medicine and vaccine portfolio is listed on the WHO EML and/or as first-line treatments: e.g., simeprevir (Olysio®), risperidone (Risperdal®) and darunavir (Prezista®).

Pipeline by stage of development
– Innovative medicines and vaccines

Johnson & Johnson is developing a range of innovative products. It is targeting respiratory syncytial virus through several projects, including preventive vaccines for infants and the elderly, which have moved to phase I since 2014.

Pipeline by stage of development
– Adaptive medicines and vaccines

Johnson & Johnson is adapting a range of products for people in high-need countries, including several fixed-dose combinations for HIV/AIDS and paediatric formulations targeting TB and soil-transmitted helminthiasis.

Please refer to the pdf of the report card (that can be downloaded here) for information on Johnson & Johnson’s performance per technical area.

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